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"I have progressed so much since I started working with you!  Each session has been so helpful.  I am more confident, my relationships are better, I'm even making more money!  If I wasn't experiencing it myself, it would sound too good to be true.  The results of each session are so amazing.  I plan to continue our weekly sessions for a very, very long time."

"Hi Sandra, just to let you know that since you cut my cord of attachment which was a whopper from my friend a couple of weeks ago I feel much better.  I still think of her but the charge is slight and I’ve noticed other people don’t bug me as much now either. I even think my unskilled empath merges are less now too.  I was able to speak up and remove myself from her bible study too, she was very disappointed but I just could not go anymore and its been awhile in coming. I feel more free!  I will let you know when I want another session!  Thanks again!   "
“Sandra is so wonderful ! She is very caring, helpful, talented and highly skilled in assisting people to move forward in their life in a much more healthy way ! I am so grateful to have found her !”