I have been interested in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing for decades.  While raising a family I worked in business, but always kept a foot in the healing arts.  I became proficient at MariEl and Reiki, and later became a practicing Classical Homeopath.

While looking for answers concerning my own healing, I happened upon Rose Rosetree’s blog, “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”  This led me to reading her books, going to her workshops, and most importantly, having Aura Transformation Sessions with Rose over the phone.  

The results have been miraculous!  Because I can wholeheartedly endorse Rose’s work, and because I desire to help others in the same way Rose has helped me, I became one of Rose’s apprentices in October of 2013, and a full-fledged practitioner in September of 2015.  

Rose Rosetree's Website: www.rose-rosetree.com