I offer RES Energy Healing and Energy Reading sessions to help you to grow emotionally and spiritually.


How do these sessions work?

 Your subconscious is filled with all sorts of “stuff” that plays 24/7, and that can hold you back from being the person you have always dreamed of being.  The techniques I use of RES Energy Healing can remove this stuff permanently from your energy.  As you become clearer and clearer, it is easier to be more of who you REALLY are. 

Another type of service I provide is an RES Energy Reading session.  In these sessions you will bring some choices to research, such as: career options, places to move to or visit, and hobbies or activities  you are thinking of engaging in.  In this research, you will learn some gifts of your soul as well as what thrills your soul!  You may also research someone you are thinking about bringing into your life, for instance: a boss, health practitioner, friend, lover or mate. 

I conduct individual Energy Healing and Energy Reading sessions, solely using Rosetree Energy Spirituality, or RES.  If this is something that would interest you, please contact me to set up an appointment.  

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Rose Rosetree's Website: www.rose-rosetree.com

What to expect at an appointment

I can do phone sessions, as well as in-person sessions, and they last about 55 minutes.  For a prorated increase in fee, longer sessions are possible, but can only be guaranteed if you have scheduled them ahead of time.  My rate is $75 for a 55 minute session, and I accept all major credit cards.  If you must cancel a session, please let me know within 24 hours.  If you do not contact me prior to that time, I will require a $25 cancellation fee.

All sessions begin with your intention.  What do you want to see as a result of this session?  Do you want to communicate better in your personal relationships, do you want a better job, or do you want a better romantic life?  Maybe you want to speak up for yourself more, or to be more present in your life, or to have more confidence at work.  Bring an intention to the session, and I will help you fine-tune it if necessary to bring you some real results that you can measure.

We cocreate your session with the Divine, using the words for the Divine that you are comfortable with.  

In the energy healing sessions, I hope that you respect my professional decision about what healing centerpiece to use.  Please do not expect that I will cut a cord of attachment.  Rose Rosetree has written an excellent blog post about this very point.

I cannot diagnose or treat any physical or mental illness you might have.   Please contact your physician or mental health practitioner if those are your concerns.  My services are for entertainment, information, or personal growth only.

Please do not have any alcohol 24 hours before your session.  Also refrain from using marijuana or recreational drugs 3 days prior to the session.

Please arrive to your session promptly.  If we are having a phone or Skype session, I expect that you will call me.  Thank you.